Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This is the introduction....

I've been staring at this empty blog for months now. At least 5 months...

What should I talk about?
Ideas would pop into my head and then vanish just as quickly as they came. I still don't know. Should I DIY it? Have featured etsy sellers? Talk about the hardships of working part time, running an etsy business, being a wife and mom to two rambunctious little Q's?

Well, I just don't know. So I'm done pondering over the thought and trying to be witty and clever.

This is the introduction post. The post that will pre-determine the direction this blog will go in. hmpf.

Well, I'm treating it as an introduction to me since clearly I don't know the direction this blog will go. The rest will hopefully fall into place and god willing I will get a reader or two.

I'm a mom.

First and foremost. That is my full time career. I have 3 jobs, but this is by far my most important. I have a 6 year old daughter and a (almost (1/31)) 3 year old son. They are complete opposites in every way imaginable. They keep me on my toes while pulling out my hair and scrambling eggs all at the same time.

First came Ruby.

My strong willed mini-me. She is feisty, creative, quick witted, outgoing, and a leader. She makes things with glue, thread, scissors, her sewing machine and tape....god does she love tape.

Next came Julius.

My little JuJu Bean. I started calling him bean when he was just a itty baby because of the way he folded his knees up into his chest when I held him. He is caring, compassionate, and a total push over (we're working on this).

I'm a wife.

I fell in love at walmart. HA! Yes, it's true. I hang my head in shame. I actually worked in the photo lab and my husband was a truck unloader (there is a technical name for the job but I don't remember what it was..I'm sure he knows).
Pshkkkshhh *I need a spanish speaking associate to the photo lab*
(that was me over the pager thingy)
He was always the first to show up. :) Aww young love. lol!

I'm an administrative assistant.
Or something. I work in an office, doing office things. Not much to say about that.

I'm a business owner.

I have an etsy shop that I obsess over. I've been selling on etsy since 8/08. My mom turned me on to etsy. I'm not sure how she found it....shes just a shopper not a seller.
I sew and crochet. I love making things. I do craft shows as well which have their ups and downs.
I tweet
I flickr
I face
and now I blog.
You may see me around in the etsy forums, I get stuck in forum ruts where for a week straight I spend all my *free* time there. Other times I'm all over twitter. And I'm always all over facebook.
I like to tell myself that I do a great job promoting my business online...the whole social networking thing. I'm pretty sure I have a thing or two to learn tho.

Alright so there you have it. My life in a nutshell.

Crossing my fingers that I post again tomorrow.